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Yakult Soju

TGIF! Friday night is the perfect day to unwind with a few drinks after surviving a rough work week. My favourite drink at the moment is Korean Yakult soju cocktail. I never liked soju on the rocks, finding the taste a little too strong for me. The Yakult (cultured yoghurt drink) not only makes the soju more palatable, it also provides a creamy milkiness to the drink. With this easy cocktail recipe, one can enjoy “happy hour” at any time any day (haha).

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P.S. This recipe is for those of legal drinking age (18 or 21 and above depending on where you are from).

Korean Yakult Soju Recipe
There are only 3 main ingredients – soju, Yakult and 7-Up (Sprite). Many Yakult soju recipes calls for equal parts Yakult and soju, but personally that’s too mild and sweet for me. So my personal favourite concoction is 1 part Yakult to 2 parts soju, with a small splash of 7-up for a bit of fizz (you can change 7-Up to with soda water, if you don’t want to add on the sweetness). In the home concoction, one can adjust the sweetness and alcoholic content to your heart’s content.

Korean Yakult Soju Recipe
Serve the cocktail in a glass pitcher and soju shot glasses for the best presentation.

Korean Yakult Soju Recipe

2 comments on “Yakult Soju”

  1. I am not a drinker, but I DO love yakult!

  2. This drink with yakult sounds great, very refreshing…thanks for the post!
    I hope you are having a nice week :)

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