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Strawberry Jelly Cheesecake


Strawberry Jelly Hearts Cheesecake Recipe

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Strawberry Jelly Cheesecake Recipe

Instead of making it as a cake, you can also make and serve the strawberry cheesecake in individual ramekins.

Serves: 9 strawberry jelly hearts

Prep Time: 40 mins (excluding chilling time in the fridge)


(A) Crust

  • 150 grams digestive biscuits processed or pounded into fine crumbs
  • 75 grams butter melted
  • 20 x 20 cm (8 x 8 in) tray or cake tin grease the bottom and sides with some melted butter

(B) Cheesecake Layer

  • 1 level tbsp gelatin powder
  • 3/4 cup hot boiling water
  • one block (250 grams) cream cheese softened at room temperature for about 3 hours
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 45 grams icing sugar
  • 5 strawberries cut off the top, half each strawberry lengthwise then trim the top into a "V" heart shape

(C) Jelly Layer

  • one box (90 grams) strawberry jelly (jell-o) (Note: I used Tortally brand)
  • 3/4 cup boiling water
  • 3/4 cup cold water


(A) Crust

  1. In a large bowl, combine biscuit crumbs and melted butter and mix well. Pour biscuit mixture into the tray, levelling the crust with a flat spatula. Allow to chill in fridge for about an hour, or until the crust is hardened.

(B) Cheesecake Layer

  1. Dissolve gelatin powder in a bowl of hot water, allow to cool for a few minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, add softened cream cheese, vanilla and sugar to electric mixer. Whisk until the mixture is light and fluffy.
  3. Add cooled gelatin mixture, a little at a time and whisk until the batter is smooth.
  4. Use a fork to prick holes all over the biscuit base. Pour the cream cheese mixture on to the biscuit base. Arrange and press 9 strawberry halves (3 by 3 grid) into the cream cheese mixture, letting each strawberry sink in gently. Allow to chill in fridge for at least four hours or overnight.

(C) Jelly Layer

  1. In a bowl, add jelly powder and boiling water. Whisk to dissolve the jelly crystals completely, then add cold water.
  2. Gently pour the cooled jelly mixture over the cream cheese layer. Return to fridge and chill for a few hours until the jelly is set.
  3. To serve, divide and cut the cheesecake to 9 equal pieces. With each slice, wipe your knife clean with a kitchen towel and dip the blade in water. Store in an airtight container in the fridge for a few days.

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31 Responses to “Strawberry Jelly Cheesecake”

  1. B — February 13, 2014 @ 10:25 pm

    So delicious and pretty, I can eat it everyday!


  2. Christy — February 14, 2014 @ 2:11 pm

    This looks awesome, and just so tempting!! :-) Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones!~
    I’m sure they will be head over heels when they see these ;-)


  3. Miloeee — February 27, 2014 @ 2:56 am

    Hi, may I know what brand of jelly you used? I bought Jell-o 6oz pack and the instruction on my box stated 2 cups boiling water and 2 cups cold water to make jelly. Your recipe used 2x 3/4 cups so I was wondering if you used a different brand or you adjusted the measurement



    • wiffy replied: — February 27th, 2014 @ 11:28 pm

      I used Tortally brand. It’s a 90g box.


  4. Venise — March 7, 2014 @ 12:27 pm

    Hi just tried out your recipe! But I’ve not done the jelly layer! Waiting for the cheese layer to harden. However I didn’t whisk till the cheese is stiff, it’s still quite flowy. Will it harden if I put it in the fridge for a longer period of time?


    • wiffy replied: — March 7th, 2014 @ 2:23 pm

      Generally, the cheese takes 4 hours to harden (for me I chill it overnight). It will need the right amount of gelatin, too, for the cheese to set.


  5. Elaine Yeoh — March 8, 2014 @ 6:38 pm

    Hi I tried this jelly cheesecake but the jelly layer just won’t set. May I know why?


  6. Jai See Lin — April 2, 2014 @ 8:00 pm

    Hey Wiffy, when you say “chill” does it mean to keep in the Fridge or Freezer?


    • wiffy replied: — April 2nd, 2014 @ 10:07 pm

      Hi, I meant fridge.


  7. Ade — May 5, 2014 @ 11:32 am


    3/4 cup means how many ml of water?


    • wiffy replied: — May 6th, 2014 @ 11:00 am

      Hi Ade, it is about 175ml.


  8. lena — May 7, 2014 @ 3:38 pm

    Hi, would you happen to know/can guess how many individual cups we may be able to get out of this recipe. Also a question on the cream cheese part, should we be beating or whisking the cream cheese, trying to figure out which attachment to use on the KA. Thanks!!


    • wiffy replied: — May 8th, 2014 @ 11:37 am

      This recipe yields 9 pieces, you can take a look at the photos to gauge how to estimate in cups. Use the whisk attachment for the cream cheese.


  9. Bananaleaf — May 25, 2014 @ 9:25 pm

    Hello! Thanks for sharing this marvelous recipe !
    I would like to try this. But I don’t know where to get the ingredients. Things like gelatin powder and vanilla extract sounds foreign to me. And the sugar icing, I heard there two types, one needs to be cooked, one doesn’t.
    Please advice this noob !


    • wiffy replied: — May 27th, 2014 @ 12:22 pm

      you can go to the baking section of most supermarkets and you should be able to find all the ingredients. And you can also Phoon Huat which specializes in baking supplies. For icing sugar, I didn’t know there was any difference, just grab any bag from supermarket and it is good for use in this recipe.


      • Bananaleaf replied: — May 30th, 2014 @ 10:36 pm

        Hi ! Thanks for advising. Will do:) hopefully it will turn out just as good.!


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