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Spicy Lemon Prawns

Note: What we call ‘prawn’ over here in South East Asia is known as ‘shrimp’ in the US.

These lemon prawns (酸辣檸檬蝦) contain all the balanced flavours of hot, sour, sweet & savoury in them. Usually, ginger is used for Chinese-style seafood, but lemon did a great job here too, giving the prawns a refreshing taste.

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How to de-vein shell-on prawns

The lemon sauce is great to the last drop and I love to dip the peeled prawn in it, soak it all up with some cooked quinoa or bread, or drizzle over steamed rice.

Hot & Sour Lemon Shrimp Recipe
If you are willing to go that extra mile for your family, serve the prawns peeled after cooking, so that they are easier to eat. I peeled them because it’s going into my lunch box for work.

Chinese-style Lemon Prawns Recipe

I cooked this dish with shell-on prawns so that they retain their size and juices better after cooking. Check out this tutorial for de-veining prawns with their shells intact (see tutorial). This recipe will work with peeled prawns too.

Chinese-style Lemon Shrimp Recipe Ingredients
These are the simple ingredients for this recipe. The chilli padi gives the dish some heat which is a nice complement to the sour and sweet lemon sauce.

Chinese-style Lemon Prawns Recipe

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  1. Very delicious and appetizing…a perfect summer dish!

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