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Tamagoyaki (Japanese Egg Rolls)

Tamagoyaki Recipe

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This is a savoury recipe for Japanese egg rolls. I often eat it on its own as a satisfying and filling low-carb meal. It also goes well as a side dish to complement almost any meal.

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The key ingredients such as eggs, carrots and shallots are common items in the kitchen pantry. You can adapt the ingredients according to what you have – sometimes I use ebikko (prawn roe) instead of carrots, and baby spinach instead of spring onions.

I struggled to describe the steps of rolling the egg in words, so I made a two-minute video for this recipe. This is my first video so there is much room for improvement, but hopefully it conveyed the key steps of rolling the omelette. If you would like to see more video recipes, thumbs up the video on YouTube and subscribe to my channel. Thank you!

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22 Responses to “Tamagoyaki (Japanese Egg Rolls)”

  1. Belle — February 14, 2016 @ 1:47 pm

    The egg should be kept light in colour, not brown. I think you need to lower your heat to low.