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XO Sauce Scallops

XO Sauce Scallops

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This XO sauce scallops is a homely and gourmet treat at the same time. I love XO Sauce and I truly believe that every cook into Chinese cooking should have a bottle in the kitchen.

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In my pantry, I am never without it. XO Sauce is a gourmet Cantonese seafood sauce made up of dried scallops & dried shrimps among other ingredients, and it can be eaten on its own as a condiment or used in stir-fries. Whenever I need to wok something in a hurry, I used XO Sauce as the base and I will most certainly be ensured a restaurant-quality and luxurious Chinese dish with minimum effort and preparation.

XO Sauce

Even though a bottle of XO Sauce is pricey (about S$20 a bottle) due to the dried scallops, a little goes a long way in cooking. Dishes with XO Sauce are premiumly priced at Chinese restaurants, so a dish with XO sauce is much cheaper when cooked at home.

31 comments on “XO Sauce Scallops”

  1. Your scallops look beautiful! May I ask where you purchased your Hokkaido scallops? Any suggestions for where to find them fresh? I made the mistake of purchasing scallops at my nearest grocery and then ended up in the bin; slimy and smelly. Thanks for any suggestions–looking forward to trying the recipe!

    • Hi, I’m in Singapore and I got mine at NTUC. There’s a photo of the box with the scallops in the post above. the normal price is S$36.90 but now and then, it’s on sale for about S$30. Hope you find it!

  2. This is definitely an expensive dish if we order in the Chinese restaurant. Home cooked is the best.

  3. That looks very yummy! XO sauce, I must get one as soon as possible! :)

  4. Woah, I don’t have XO sauce in my pantry leh!….

  5. wow! restaurant quality indeed! next time you’re in town i get you the ones from Tai O fishing village…full of dried shrimps, no dry scallops, but yumm max!

  6. I never cooked with XO sauce, only had it in restaurants. Your scallops look delicious with the snow peas.
    Hope you are having a fabulous week Wiffy :)

  7. Luxurious plus : ), an humble version often with me is noodles with XO sauce.

  8. I never thought XO sauce could be used in cooking. Good idea. LOL I could cook this in my new HappyCall pan!

  9. Now I realy have to check out what XO sauce is. I never heard or seen it before. thanks for the useful tip!

    Looks very delicious your dish by the way! ;)

  10. I love LKK XO sauce. Like you, we also keep one in the fridge. It goes well with our dried shrimp noodles. Hehehe!! I just found out that LKK XO sauce is so much cheaper in HK than SG. Your dish looks very inviting and colourful!!

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