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Stir-fried Oysters in Garlic Sauce

Garlic Oysters Stir-fry Recipe

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A while ago, my friend woolly told me about the cheap frozen oysters (a packet cost about S$4) she bought from the supermarket. Though the oysters are small, they are decent, juicy and not fishy. I did a super quick oysters stir-fry with garlic and the results were great. For oysters lovers, this is an easy, quick and inexpensive fix whenever the oyster craving sets in.

Garlic Oysters Stir-fry Recipe

20 comments on “Stir-fried Oysters in Garlic Sauce”

  1. Wiffy and Woolly??? I can’t stop giggling. :P But you both sure make lovely oyster dishes!

  2. Nice! I love how simple the recipe is. Let the oysters shine, eh?

  3. Hey thanks for mentioning me. Ur oysters look yummy! I’d also love to try your recipe!

  4. I was reading Ju’s comments abt wiffy and woolly…LOL! I digress. Anyway, I prefer ่š็…Ž cos it is drier dish as a whole. If you can make this, then you can have the famous TW street food – Or Ah Mee Sua? But I am not a fan. Kekekkeke

  5. I love oysters but I haven’t tried them cooked this way!

  6. My favourite way of eating oysters are definitely raw hehe..but your stir-fried version looks great too!

  7. I love garlic and I know I will love this dish. I only can’t eat raw oysters. I tried that in HongKong last year and I almost throw out…wow!

  8. That is INDEED CHEAPPPPPP!!! I love oysters and omelette.. My must eat when i go back to SG! Missing simple oyster dishes like this!

  9. Love the idea of frying oyster with garlic . Simple, quick and delicious.
    The price is very good indeed. You’re so lucky to find them.

  10. You’re really very resourceful in finding great bargains. Your stir-fry oysters look very tasty and droothworthy!

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