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Stir-fried Kailan

Stir-fried Kailan

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This is a very easy recipe for stir-frying kailan using oyster sauce. I don’t used to love vegetables, but now I do. A simple plate of vegetables stir fry is a happy side dish for dinner.  I usually buy 2 packets of vegetables for 2 persons, if not there will not be enough. It is incredibly cheap, healthy, delicious and quick to cook.

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I would say home-cooked Chinese dinner is not complete without it. Besides kailan, you can use other greens too.


29 comments on “Stir-fried Kailan”

  1. it’s my… i have no idea what vege to make! ah i know! stir fry kai lan! esp the baby kai lan. Fresh and tender!

  2. I know this is great, sadly kailan here in summer is not tasty as in winter.

  3. One of our favorite veggies! Looks great and I like to stir-fry my kailan too.

  4. I love Kai Lan, it’s been too long that I haven’t had it. About time! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I had to look it up and it’s called Chinese broccoli.

    I think the seasoning is excellent and a really nicely executed side dish or main course.

  6. I’ve come to really like greens of all kinds. I actually miss them when I haven’t had them for a while. This sounds great wit the oyster sauce, and the carrots are so cute!

  7. I can never get enough of Asian greens — great simple stirfry and love the carrots =)

  8. Kailan is possibly the only Chinese vegetables that I like. It is very tough and can take rough stir-frying. I bet the sauce is really tasty and the stir-fry is enough to keep the rice company all by itself.

  9. What a pretty plate of veg! Not a huge fan of veg still :P

  10. I love the flower shaped carrots! I wanna go to Daisho stat!

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