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Stir-fried Egg Noodles

Stir-fried Egg Noodles

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Although it’s only in recent years that I started to cook regularly, my interest in cooking goes back a long time ago. When I was in school, stir-fried egg noodles (炒雞蛋面) was one of the few dishes which I experimented and cooked ever so rarely (but always to good reviews) for the family.

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It’s really easy and helps you to clear your fridge of all kinds of leftovers. Cooking and eating this again is really nostalgic.

Stir-fried Egg Noodles

44 comments on “Stir-fried Egg Noodles”

  1. This looks like awesome comfort food =) And I love recipes that use all the leftovers… GREAT!

  2. Hey Wiffy,
    I know I don’t follow you super closely (that only has to do with ingredient availability and the unrealistic event that I would really be able to execute your food properly due to my location in the world ), but I really do always love checking in on you. Everything looks so well thought out and delicious here-really!

  3. Lovely! I loved egg noodle.

  4. Oh no, you’ve just made my tummy rumble! This would be so nice for my breakfast now …

  5. Very versatile dish. :) Nicely done, Wiffy!

  6. Yummy dish and pretty photo!

  7. seeing noodles here and at ching’s i wanna make noodles this weekend! hhehehe

  8. Stir Fried Egg Noodles is definitely a stand-by menu item at my house, right after Nasi Goreng :)
    I know exactly what you meant about being nostalgic.

    Very wholesome looking dish, Wiffy.

  9. I used to have the same dried noodles in my pantry all the time. I think it is time to get some soon. I love the cheese sausage, almost daggy but I love it, it has such a home cooked feel to it :)

  10. Another great dish. I just threw what’s leftovers from yst. Oh, i added abit of dark sauce to the noodles too…

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