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Steamed Mussels in Chinese Wine

Steamed Mussels in Chinese Wine Recipe

First posted in Oct 2009, Updated in Jan 2015.

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Mussels steamed in Chinese wine is a quick and easy dish to whip up at home. I bought 500 grams mussels at the supermarket for only S$1 during a quick sale. Normally they will cost about S$2+ which is still inexpensive.

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The cooking method is really easy. Just stir fry some aromatics such as shallots and ginger in a wok, then add the cleaned mussels and Chinese wine to steam until the shells are opened. This is so easy, that I almost never order mussels or shell fish when I eat out, as eateries usually charge a premium for seafood. Try it out!

53 comments on “Steamed Mussels in Chinese Wine”

  1. These look sooo good. Your photo is fantastic. I love those colourful shells.

  2. I wish I can get such cheap mussels here too! I rarely see fresh mussels sold at my local supermarket..how sad.

  3. looks delicious and certainly cheap!

  4. This looks like another must-try recipe!

  5. Lovely dish! I keep see it in my wet market too!

  6. This meal has everything … simple, inexpensive but above all beautiful. :-)

  7. Mussels are always the perfect photographer’s “model.” These green-lipped beauties just add to the allure. A fast and elegant meal, Wiffy. You sure you’re a noob? :-)

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  9. I had it today,this is really nice and delicious, WOW!!

  10. are they really that cheap! I’ve always only seen them frozen… maybe i’ve been looking in the wrong places!

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