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Easy Grilled Salmon

I was busy for the past two weeks and had limited cooking and internet time (hence the lack of updates T_T ). During busy times like these, I am grateful for simple, healthy & “quickie” recipes such as this grilled salmon to get us by.

Grilled Salmon
15 minutes quick dinner: grilled salmon with microwaved potatoes

I call this a “quickie” recipe because it only takes 15 minutes to cook this up (including preparation time!). It doesn’t look too bad for a 15-minutes dish right? ;p Plus it is so healthy and you get to taste the wholesome sweetness of the fish due to a minimal of ingredients used. The cost of an average piece of thick salmon fillet is only about S$5 in our local supermarkets, and after seeing the ease which I whipped up this dish, B told me that he won’t be ordering grilled salmon in restaurants anytime soon, hee. It’s much more economical to eat this at home, where you can enjoy a much bigger piece of salmon at the fraction of the cost. I had microwaved potatoes as the side which is equally quick to prepare.

Grilled Salmon
A thicker stab of grilled salmon, yum

(Serves 1 for 1 person)

– 1 piece of salmon fillet (I love thick pieces for grilling)
– kosher salt or organic sea salt
– freshly cracked black pepper
– one or two herbs you have in the pantry (I used dried parsley) – optional
– butter or olive oil


– Pull out the bones from the salmon fillet using your fingers or a tweezer.
– Season the fish with salt (rub), black pepper and herbs.
– Melt a knob of butter and spread it evenly on the griddles pan (or use olive oil). Grill the salmon fillet, skin side down first, for about 4 minutes each side (or till lightly browned) over medium fire.
– Cooking Note (update):: You can also pan-fry the fish if you don’t have a grill pan. It will still taste good =)

Have a bit more time to whip up something more elaborate? Check out my grilled miso salmon recipe:

Grilled Miso Salmon

52 comments on “Easy Grilled Salmon”

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  2. I love grilled salmon,yummyWhat a healthy food.:P mouth is watering now!!

  3. Thank you everyone ^_^

    Hopping: I’ll never see bonito flakes (or hamster shavings) in the same way again :P hehe

  4. is this the same as pan-fried salmon?

  5. Hi Min, grilling is not the same as pan-fried, but for this recipe you can also pan fry it till it’s slightly browned on the surface.

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  7. This was really great and quick to make! I ate it with microwaveable brown rice, and I enjoyed everything very much. Thanks!

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