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My Recipes on inSing.com: One-dish Rice Meals

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One-Dish Rice Meals
One-dish rice meals – Salmon Baked Rice with Cheese,
Sambal Fried Rice & Seafood Mui Fan

I wrote these recipes for inSing.com’s feature on “one-dish rice meals”.  This is a freelance assignment and I’m really happy to see my recipes on inSing’s website.

Do check them out and I hope you enjoy them :)

13 comments on “My Recipes on inSing.com: One-dish Rice Meals”

  1. always love your recipes :D
    we share the love for one-dish yumminess ;)

  2. Wow! Nice combo and it looks really tasty!

  3. I love one-dish meals. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Congratulations! Always love your one dish meal, simple and delicious :)

  5. Congratulations! Your recipes always sound simple and nice.

  6. what would the world do w/o one pot dishes? well done noobcook! i love your photography that went with that too!

  7. Oh well, congratulations to you! I see you are harvesting after a few years of cooking and blogging. :)
    Good job!

  8. Congrats! You’re getting to be so famous…autograph please? :D

  9. Thanks everyone for your words & encouragement :)

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