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Foil-Wrapped Ginseng Chicken


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Steamed ginseng chicken wrapped in foil is a simple wrap and cook dinner solution. This is a very healthy and convenient recipe. The ginseng I am using is called american ginseng fiber (洋参须). It is an inexpensive type of american ginseng, has ‘cooling’ properties (降火), & keeps one more alert (提神) among the host of its known benefits.

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You can purchase this particular ginseng in Singapore at traditional neighbourhood Chinese medical halls or the ones at the shopping centers such as Fuhua (where I bought a 150g packet for S$5.50).


24 comments on “Foil-Wrapped Ginseng Chicken”

  1. I can sniff the herbal smell emitting thru’ my computer screen already! :D You make it looks easy to create this dish. :halo:

  2. Jun … funnily I don’t find ginseng bitter at all… must be my taste buds? hehe

    lk … u can try… but I am worried that the water may leak out if you flip hehe … I used tongs and glove when I am opening the parcel n flipping the chix … not hot ;p

    Ning, yes we have telepathy! =D

    LCOM, I don’t find it bitter at all … dunno if it’s my taste bud? I can’t take too sweet foods hehe

    didally, thanks gal =)

    TOH, thanks! got one big packet of ginseng so must think of ways of using it, haha =p

    Jude, tigerfish, Pepy thanks ^o^

    beachlover, hope u like it! =)

    kisetsu, yes it’s definitely easy… coz I dunno how to cook difficult dishes, hehe ;p

  3. The chicken must be very tender after steaming with the marinade. It looks fantastic!

  4. Again – this is a great recipe with tons of great pics!


  5. oo.. i like healthy recipes like this! Looks like your blog as gone healthy! =)

  6. I love your ginseng chicken but i love your glass mosaic tiles wall too … hehehe. Mind to share some pics of your kitchen cos I am now looking for ideas for my new kitchen in our new home. Can email them to me too if not suitable to post it … hehehehe. family_first3@hotmail.com. Thanks ya!

  7. Wonderful! and amazing “DISH”… I just love it at my first sight…

  8. lisa, Darius, Alice, thank you! =)

    daphne, more like it has gone lazy … steaming = less cleaning up ;D

    FamilyFirst, I’ll try to take some pictures and post them by end Dec =)

  9. This looks really yummy, and that’s an interesting way of cooking with ginseng. :-)

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