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Claypot Yong Tau Foo in Taucheo Chilli

Claypot Yong Tau Foo in Taucheo Chilli

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My mum makes a superb and incredibly easy taucheo chilli sauce with only 3 basic ingredients – garlic, chilli padi and taucheo (soy bean paste/ 豆酱). Besides using it in my steamed flower crabs recipe, my other favourite use of this taucheo chilli is to cook it in claypot with yong tau foo, and it’s simply so delicious that I will finish all that savoury and spicy sauce with extra helpings of rice.

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This is certainly another of my favourite everyday home-styled dish (家常菜). I love cooking with yong tau foo (niang dou fu/酿豆腐) as they provides a lot of food variety in one dish – definitely a well-balanced and healthy dish in under 30 minutes. All I need to cook to go with this dish is steamed rice.

Claypot Yong Tau Foo

For best results, cook this dish in a claypot though you can also use a regular wok or pan.

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  1. Wiffy, I’d like to have this for my dinner :)

  2. Just cooked this and posted my first attempt. Thanks. Really love Ur receipes

  3. Hi wiffy, is there a chilli soy bean paste that i can buy from supermarkets? which brand would you recommend? I don’t have a food processor/mixer so creating the paste from scratch would be too cumbersome for me.

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